Almost a Week Away

As you can see from the images above, I received my visa last Friday! This is a good thing in general, but especially since I am so close to my departure date – 8 more days until I depart! Good thing I’ve already done some shopping 😉

Actually, the shopping/preparation part is rather important. I’ve gotten some good non-traditional travel advice, from friends and family, see below to partake in the wisdom:

  • Make a copy of your visa and laminate it for ID while traipsing around.
  • If you’re going to be taking a taxi, have directions/locations in both English and Thai
  • Have Thai currency (baht) with you before leaving the US (for emergencies)
  • Bring your own face wash and lotion because Thai stores tend to sell those products with a bleach-like additives included (which is ironic / sad because I am hoping to get tan… and we all know harmful ideals of “beauty” doesn’t just exist overseas)
  • Bring a big scarf for the plane ride – it doubles as a pillow
  • Wear a money belt (a sneaky belt with a pouch that fits under your shirt, so you’re bound to notice if someone is trying to steal from you!)
  • Bring bug spray with 30% DEET in it (I got 40% since they seem to like me)
  • Pack something from home so you don’t get homesick (aka a pillow case)
  • Roll your clothes, apparently that space-creating myth is true

I think that’s about it, besides the normal advice, like bring comfy shoes and a charger-converter (Thailand is 220V while the US is 120V).

So other than cramming my belongings into 2 checked bags (up to 50lbs each of no more than 62 inches total perimeter each), 1 carry on (up to 15lbs and 10x15x10 in.), and one personal item (that fits under the plane seat in front of me), I am pretty much ready for this adventure! Financial goal met (thanks to many of you), tickets bought, visa issued, and more logistics that have been accomplished 🙂

Well, my Mom’s cooking is filling the air with the delicious aroma’s of meatballs, and (knowing my mother) all the other food groups… except sugar.

Thanks for reading,




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